Autocorrect Video

Advertising agencies who signed the Great Ape Pledge needed an effective way to help remind their creatives about the commitment they made with PeTA.

That's why PeTA developed the AutoCorrect, a powerful yet simple tool that reminds agency copywriters that they shouldn’t write real apes into their scripts. Because scripts are where it all begins.

Follow these simple steps to get it on your computer.

Launch Microsoft Word. Select AutoCorrect from the "Tools" drop down menu.

In the "Replace" text field, type the word Chimp (or Ape, Gorilla, Orangutan). In the "With" text field, enter the following sentence:

Chimp who was taken from his mother when only weeks old to act in front of the camera. During his training, the ape will be kicked, punched, and beaten to perform what you are just about to write… don’t let it happen.

Hit the "Add" button. Repeat the action for the other words "Ape", "Gorilla", Orangutan".

You have now activated the PeTa Autocorrect on your Microsoft Word.

Every time you'll type one of these words, the AutoCorrect function will remind you of the pledge.


The Great Ape Pledge

Prevent the suffering of great apes by leaving them out of TV, film and advertising productions.

Please commit to refusing to use any live great apes in your work.