From Planet of the Apes to Planet of Shame

Chubbs was featured in Tim Burton's 2001 film Planet of the Apes. In 2003, PeTA found Chubbs living at a notorious roadside zoo in Amarillo, Texas. He was confined to a cement pit that resembled a dungeon, strewn with decaying food and feces, and eating rotten produce and dog food. Like so many other chimpanzees used in film, Chubbs had been discarded by his trainer when he reached adolescence and became too strong and dangerous to control.

Many great apes used for entertainment share Chubbs' fate. Most are discarded by their trainers around age 8. Chimpanzees like Chubbs can live into their 60s, which means a long life of misery after they have been "retired" from show business.


The Great Ape Pledge

Prevent the suffering of great apes by leaving them out of TV, film and advertising productions.

Please commit to refusing to use any live great apes in your work.