The Orangutan Who Was "Trained" to Death.

Clyde was the orangutan made famous in the Clint Eastwood film Any Which Way You Can. What Clyde's fans didn't know was that he barely survived filming and died several months before the film was released in 1980. According to the testimony of an assistant trainer at the company that supplied Clyde for the film, Gentle Jungle, Clyde was repeatedly beaten by trainer Boone Narr with a cane and an ax handle in an isolated area during production of the film. Clyde died of cardiac arrest a month later.

Clyde’s abuse is not the exception. Many ape "actors" are abused behind the scenes. An undercover investigation of a Hollywood ape supplier revealed that trainers punched and kicked young apes in the head and threw rocks at them during pre-production training sessions. The apes were often beaten without warning simply to keep the animals alert and on their toes.


The Great Ape Pledge

Prevent the suffering of great apes by leaving them out of TV, film and advertising productions.

Please commit to refusing to use any live great apes in your work.