Dead at 15

In 2009, a 15-year-old "pet" chimpanzee was stabbed repeatedly, pounded with a shovel, and finally shot to death after he attacked a Connecticut woman named Charla Nash. Travis, who appeared in several commercials as a baby, was torn away from his mother at a young age, only to be raised by humans who didn't fully understand his needs.

When apes like Travis reach adolescence, they become too strong and aggressive to live with humans. They are often abandoned at roadside zoos or—as was the case with Travis—stay in the home of a person who remains unaware of their tremendous strength until it's too late. Travis paid for his guardian's mistake with his life.


The Great Ape Pledge

Prevent the suffering of great apes by leaving them out of TV, film and advertising productions.

Please commit to refusing to use any live great apes in your work.